What to Wear:

I am often asked by clients what they should wear to their specific portrait sessions, so I thought carefully about it and I figured that my only true rule is that you should wear something that really shows who you are. That means wear something that you are comfortable in that will allow your personality to shine through. With that said, here are a few suggestions:


For Everyone:

*If you don’t wear khaki’s in real life, please oh please don’t wear them to your session! Jeans make for a lot more fun & modern photos! Plus you are able to move around more in order to get the best shots!

*Skip the solid & white shirts, but no plaids or thick stripes. Bright colored shirts photograph by far the best.

*Graphic  T’s are a GREAT way to show your personality, so be creative!

*Accessorize…Accessorize…Accessorize!! I can’t stress that enough! This is your time to have fun and think outside the box! Your personality must shine through in the photographs so bring multiple hats, wear jewelry (bring extra), scarves, umbrellas, and any other fun prop that you can think of such as chalk, paint, etc.

*If this is a family or engagement session, please remember you don’t have to match exactly. You can do something cute if you met at a college, or your favorite sports team jerseys etc. Let your individual personalities shine through in your outfits. Remember you can choose a a formal outfit and a more fun/casual outfit! Keep your options open! :)​


For Guys:

*Cool jeans with a collared shirt & maybe even add a loose tie or a spunky hat for fun!

*Have fun with your shoes! BEWARE: There will be shots of your feet taken, so make sure you want to see your crazy-out-there shoes in the photographs!

*Accessorize…Accessorize…Accessorize!! Bring baseball caps, belts, scarves, flip flops and anything and everything else you can think of!

*Don’t bring all formal wear-MIX IT UP! Casual and Dressy shows both a serious side and a fun side! :)


For Girls:

*A fun jacket or cover-up with lots of fun, colorful jewelry with a shirt underneath that has a neat pattern always looks great!

*Cool jeans simple or with designs look awesome!

*High heels & funky shoes rock!

*Accessorize…Accessorize…Accessorize!! Bring tons of cute hats with all different styles, tons of jewelry to coordinate with your outfits, scarves, heels, flats…you name it...bring it!

*Be sure not to bring all formal wear or dresses-be sure to mix it up to get the best results!


For Maternity:

*The most important thing is to focus on your belly, so form-fitting clothes look better than loose ones.

*The look of jeans with a shorter short…maybe a pre-pregnancy shirt looks precious!

*Also be sure you think of special props you can use-if it is going to be a boy or girl, bring ABC blocks, finger paints etc. so we can use your belly as an easel!

*Accessorize…Accessorize…Accessorize!! Bring anything that you think will enhance your style, but not take away from your belly. It's better to bring more even if you are unsure so there is more to work with!


For Kids:

*Keep it simple and easy! Bright colored shirts and jeans look fantastic!

*No large logos or cartoon characters.

*Consider bringing a “dress-up” outfit…something that the kids can have fun in…maybe a Halloween costume or favorite PJs-something they LOVE!

*Bring along some of their favorite toys & other accessories that you can think of! Their favorite stuffed animal, their blanket, a skateboard, dolls etc.


**Please Note: Don’t forget to bring any props that you find match your personality or the purpose of your photographs! Be sure to be creative and have fun with your looks! Remember to Dare to be Different and Think Outside the Box!**

What to Expect Before Your Session:

*Be sure you think about your needs and discuss those with me in depth so we can determine what the best package is for you.

*Make sure you call or e-mail me to confirm the date you are after, get the contract signed and your deposit put down. The deposit varies for the package that you choose and we will discuss it at the time that you book your event.​​​

*Think about the outfits that you might want to wear-be sure you think about it because these pictures will last a lifetime so you want something that is a true reflection of you.

*Determine the location(s) of your choice- San Antonio has some beautiful places that range from modern to classic! Be sure to do some research. At this point we will discuss the travel fee if there is one applicable.​


What to Expect During Your Session:

*Get ready to laugh and have a great time! The point of the session is to have fun and let your true personality shine through in the photos!

*Be sure you get lots of sleep and eat a good meal before the shoot in order for you to be at your BEST!

*Make sure you and whoever will be in the photos is comfortable and that you ate a good breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of the photo shoot. You will need as much energy as possible, but remember time is limited so we will need to be efficient with the time but get the best shots at the same time.


What to Expect After Your Session:
*Your Sneak Peek will be posted approximately 2 weeks after your session on Sealed.With.Love's Facebook Page!

*After our session give me approximately 8 weeks depending on the volume of photos in order for me to edit and retouch the photographs. I will shoot you an e-mail when your photos are ready.

*Now it is time to check out all of your photographs & ENJOY!

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